Travelling to India as a teacher

Indian education system can be traced back to the age of rishis and munis. There was a system of Ashram where the children stayed under the tutelage of experienced sages who taught them the academic as well as the practical lessons of life. This way Indian education comprised of academic as well as practical learnings of life.

In those Ashrams, children understood the real meaning of life; they studied and learned how to do good for the society. The formal education system in India though started in some 10th century AD.


And, since then getting the formal education has been a required part of an Indian’s life. Not only the practical and formal education, but also the country has contributed to the spiritual wellbeing of the citizens. As per the popular sage Swami Vivekananda, ‘Spirituality has been a backbone of India’ and it is infused in each Indian’s mind and heart. This is evident from the way traditions, and customs are followed here. For example, Yoga, which is a popular spiritual exercise, is an ancient Indian art.

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The Opportunity to teach in India

India proudly boasts itself of being a secular state and anyone from the world can come here and observe the beauty of unity in diversity. Being a teacher, you should at least grab one chance to come to this amazing country and learn the culture while teaching the students. There is more than one option to highlight your ability and volunteer as an international teacher. The following are the names of the organisation and the reference links:

1. Teach for India – Teaching programs available in various cities

2. Volunteering Journeys, Kerala

3. Volunteering With India, North India

4. Go Abroad, Delhi

5. Sagreen International, Kerala

6. Working Abroad, Darjeeling

7. Teaching Travelling

Paying attention to education as the basic right of an Indian, many NGOs in the country are running volunteer teaching program, and you too can take its benefit. Being a teacher, you can join this drive and help the NGOs in the country to improve the education standard of the country. There are opportunities where you can teach the primary, secondary and senior secondary students as well.
The serene places like Ladakh in North; Assam, Meghalaya in East and Kerala-Cochin in the south are some of the popular travel destinations of the country.


The teachers and the students here are open to learn global subjects that are not prevalent in the current syllabus. They are inviting you and you can take a proactive step to come here and get the privilege of teaching the children of primary and secondary sections.
You have an amazing chance to be an essential part of the classroom sessions and to shower your knowledge on the students. It is always said that knowledge is increased when we share it with others. Therefore, if you are knowledgeable and wish to share your knowledge with the budding generation of the world, India is the place to start your journey. Teaching in the country will open up new horizons and provide you with many insights on the dynamics of this wonderful land.


India is also bestowed with natural wonders all around. Along with the pleasure to teach the students, you can find out time to observe the purity of nature and the eclectic geography of the country. Coming to India as a teacher will be a new excursion of life that you will never forget. You can treasure those moments with you to share it with your loved ones in your land. For all the travel needs and requirements, you can contact

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