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cover5Firstly, Educational Tourism was a place where everybody could find some new information about foreign languages, education abroad, and tourism. I’d written over 400 articles and then was completely stuck in. Now, after a long period of time, I’ve come across an idea to create something new. You will see soon 🙂

About me


I consider education the best investment in the future, foreign languages – the step to understanding each other, and traveling – possibility to come back having become another person.

About me as a professional:

  • Developing educational courses using films / series.
  • ADDIE process, Backward design, Domains of learning, The Outcome-focused approach, Gagne’s 9 Events.
  • Knowledge of using Mailchimp, Sumo, Canva, Lightroom, Google workspace.
  • Writing SEO optimized articles.
  • Creating posts and full-scale materials.
  • Editing texts.
  • Translating, adapting and localizing texts (English, Ukrainian, Russian).
  • Creating content plans.
  • Working on WordPress.

Have an experience in journalism. As an author of educational and touristic articles I collaborated with the following companies:

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I’m always happy to meet new people!